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Version 3 of HY-Filter.

VST/AU 32/64 bit for Windows and Mac

free / $45

System Requirements
Win : Windows7 or higher
Mac : OSX 10.9 or higher

Main Features:
5 filter mode(SVF, Reso, Xover, Dual, Formant)
2 modulation units with 5 modulation engines(LFO, StepLFO, StepSEQ, EnvFm MpEnv)
2 FX units with 18 effect types
Base color edit
Resizable window
Preset manager

Free Version

Two filter mode(SVF, Reso)
No modulation units and FX units

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HY-SeqCollection v1.1.6 and HY-RPE v1.0.3.1

HY-SeqCollection (v1.1.6)

• accent in AcidSeq mode didn’t work correctly because of last update(fixed)
• start/size control in AcidSeq mode didn’t work correctly because of last update(fixed)
• now you can change slider value of step seq and HexaSeq with mouse wheel


• forgot to remove time period flag for beta test(removed)
• added humanize function to each track setting
• now you can change slider value with mouse wheel

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HY-RPE(v1.0.2), HY-SeqCollection(v1.1.5)


 • block chainer went out-of-sync sometimes(fixed)
 • master block chainer setting of grid track didn’t be recalled correctly(fixed)
 • step17 – 32 of block chainer didn’t work correctly(fixed)
 • changed registration way
 • improved slider drawing


 • expanded modulation target 
 • improved slider drawing of HexaSeq 
 • changed registration way

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This is a block-based grid sequencer plugin.

Format : VST 32/64 bit for Win and Mac

Price : free / $38

Main features:

 • 8 grid sequencer tracks
 • 8 block chainer units
 • multi-slider for step velocity, probability and trigger timing • mute/solo control
 • snapshot per track
 • resizable window
 • preset manager

Free version

• 3 grid sequencer tracks
• 3 block chainer units

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