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HY-POLY v1.2.0(Update)


Changes(v1.2.0) :
  • Add: Vector Oscillator
  • Add: Midi Out option
  • Add: Editable label for Macro controls
  • Add: 26 new factory presets (by New Loops)
  • Fix: The delay parameter of MPenv doesn't work properly
  • Fix: Midi learn for the oscillator phase doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: The plugin doesn't handle polyphonic aftertouch correctly
  • Fix: Momentary/Toggle state of Macro button doesn't recall correctly

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HY-POLY v1.1.0


Changes(v1.1.0) :
  • Add: New color schemes 
  • Add: Phase Distortion Oscillator
  • Add: Knob value display
  • Add: Exponential button for FX D/W control(only for Delay effects and Reverb)
  • Fix: When using both units of the arpeggiator, the mod value doesn't output  properly
  • Fix: Last preset name is not recalled correctly when opening your song project
  • Fix: The arpeggiator doesn't output mod signal correctly, if the triggered step is off.
  • Change: Improve GUI rendering

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Plugin update

HY-MPS2 v1.3

Changes(v1.3) :
  • Add: Midi Map Editor
  • Fix: Loop point issue on FL Studio
  • Fix: Jitter issue in CC control signal
  • Some minor changes

HY-Slicer v1.3.3

Changes(v1.3.3) :
  • Fix: SampleRate change didn't handle correctly
  • Some minor changes

HY-SeqCollection v1.3.3

Changes(v1.3.3) :
  • Fix: Crash issue when opening a demo version project with full version
  • Fix: Loop point issue on FL Studio

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