HY-MPS v1.0.5

HY-MPS v1.0.5


• added snapshot copy/paste function
• now note display reflects root/scale settings 
• aux target parameter didn’t work correctly(fixed)
• now LFO phase will be reset when sequencer is stopped
• Bpm sync of LFO didn’t work correctly(fixed)
• snapshot change didn’t work correctly(fixed)(free version only)
• quick preset change might cause plugin crash(fixed)
• added randomize/clear button for step on/off state



Snapshot Copy/Paste

Clicking “Copy/Paste” tab, this window will show up.
You can copy/paste snapshot of SeqBlock and Block Chainer  here.

Step 1:
selecting copy target(left side)

Step 2:
selecting paste target(right side)

Step 3:
click “P” button

Randomize/Clear button for Step On/Off

added R/C button for step on/off(white color)

Improved Note Display

Now note display reflects root/scale setting.