Version 2 of HY-MPS.

VST2 and AUv3, 32/64bit for Windows and Mac

Price :
free/$40 (free update for ver.1 user)

System Requirements:
Win : Windows7 or higher
Mac : OSX 10.9 or higher

Changes of version2

  • Aux control is replaced to timing shift control
  • Added step “Slur”
  • Added clock multiplier to each seq block
  • Added custom scale mode
  • Step size of Block chainer 16 > 64
  • Now block chainer can trigger snapshot of seq block
  • Modulation units 2 > 4
  • Added 4 new modulation engines(Prob LFO, Step LFO, Multipoint Env, Sample&Hold)
  • Negative Swing depth
  • Improved plugin gui

Signal Flow

It’s a block based step sequencer.

There are 8 sequencer blocks which can be controlled independently(step size, speed, direction).
Block chainer is a step sequencer for triggering sequencer blocks.

There are 4 modulation units available, they are used for modulating seq params and cc outputs.And each modulation unit has 5 modulation engines.
(LFO, Prob LFO, Step LFO, Multi Point Envelope, Sample & Hold)


Block chainer trigs seq blocks in any order.
This is the core of this plugin.

Sequencer Window

The sequencer window is consist of block chainer and sequencer blocks.

Modulation Window

You can control modulation units and modulation matrix here.
There are 4 modulation units available and each one has 5 modulation engines.

Modulation Engine

  • LFO : standard type LFO
  • Prob LFO : probability based LFO
  • Step LFO : step sequencer + LFO, you can trig different waveform per step
  • MPE : multipoint envelope
  • Sample&Hold : source signal generator + sample&hold

You can modulate internal sequencer parameters and control external midi parameters by these modulation units.

Please check the plugin manual for further information.