HY-POLY v1.2.0(Update)


Changes(v1.2.0) :
  • Add: Vector Oscillator
  • Add: Midi Out option
  • Add: Editable label for Macro controls
  • Add: 26 new factory presets (by New Loops)
  • Fix: The delay parameter of MPenv doesn't work properly
  • Fix: Midi learn for the oscillator phase doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: The plugin doesn't handle polyphonic aftertouch correctly
  • Fix: Momentary/Toggle state of Macro button doesn't recall correctly

Vector Oscillator

It’s a wavetable based vector oscillator.
You can control the mixing ration of 4 oscillator outputs with the center control panel.
There are 2 ways to control the mixing ration (XY, Path).

You can load 64~2048 sample length single cycle waveform to each oscillator. (2048 length is preferred)


The circle position represents the mixing ratio of the oscillators.
You can control the circle position with the X/Y parameters.

You can create the moving path for the mixing position.
There are 3 moving behavior types.(Once, Loop, Fore/Back)

The mixing point will take this time to move from one path point to the next.
If “Indiv” button is active, you can set the time per the section.

Rotary Motion

If “RM(Rotary Motion)” is active, the control point will start rotating around itself.

Midi Out

Turning on the MidiOut option, HY-POLY will output midi note messages.

Macro Label

Each macro control has editable label now.