version 4 of LoopRe
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V3 > V4
In this version, you can edit sample playback points.

Signal Path

There are 5 sampler units.
Each output of sampler unit is connected to gate unit.
You can control those gate by trigger sequencer.

Sample Import

Drag and drop your audio files to square field 1 to 5

Sample Editor

Sample Bar Size

If loaded sample is 2 bar sample, set this switch “2Bar“.

Editing Sample Playback Points

Loaded sample is automatically divided to 16 playback points.
You can adjust those playback points.
*this one is not slicer, so you can’t change playback order of playback points.


If there are some gaps between playback position and waveform,
you can adjust playback points manually like picture below.

Reset Button

You can reset positions of playback points.

Pan, Volume, Mute/Solo

You can control pan, volume, mute/solo state here.

Gate Section

You can make gate patterns here.
Those gate patterns are triggered by gate sequencer.

In this case, no gates will be triggered.
So you will not hear any sounds.


In this case, gate1 will be triggered at step1, gate2 will be triggered at step2 and so on.

Reverse and Lock

If rev is active, playback sample will be reversed at that step.
If lock is active, that step will not be affected by randomize action.

Pattern Generator

grid pattern generator
Clicking “Generate” button, grid pattern will be generated.

In this case, all buttons are active, so result will be like picture below.hyloopre4_example1_result

In this case, only button 3 and 5 are active, then result will be like picture below.hyloopre4_example2_result

Gate Sequencer Control

You can  control gate sequencer here.

> < ><1 ><2 R1 R2” = sequencer running directions
> = forward
< = backward
><1 = for/back 1, like this 1>2>3>2>1
><2 = for/back2, like this 1>2>3>3>2>1
R1 = random1
R2 = random walk

Speed = running speed
Start/End = start/end step
Swing = swing amount
Mode = grid mode 1/2

Grid Mode1

In grid mode 1, you can only select one cell per column.

Grid Mode2

In grid mode2, you can select multiple cells per column.

You can save/load 8 snapshots.

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