NTSeq, M5816mk2 v1.6(M4L)


This is a sequencer which is driven by midi note input
additional patch for SeqCollection

M5816mk2 v1.6

added midi transpose function
made window size smaller


This sequencer is driven by midi note input.
You can control running direction of the sequencer by midi note.

Midi Setting

Clicking Midi tab, midi setting window will show up.
You can set NTSeq’s reaction against incoming midi notes.

In this case, when midi note “C” is coming,
the sequencer move one step forward.
When note “C#” is coming, move one step backward.

>”   = moving one step forward
<”   = moving one step backward
R1” = moving randomly
R2” = moving randomly(random walk)
0”    =  back to step 1

Step Setting

You can set step parameters.

Knob = output midi note number of each step
-1 0 +1” = octave 
V = velocity
G = gate 
P = probability

Other Settings

From the top left:

MenuBox1 = root note
MenuBox2 = midi note scale
Step Size
Gate = base gate time
Knob Range = range of note pitch knob(1 to 4 octave)
Transp = transpose output midi note
-2 -1 0 +1 +2” = global octave shift

M5816mk2 v1.6

Midi Transpose Function

Turning on “Midi Transp”, you cna control midi transpose by midi note input.
note C2 = 0, C1 = -12, C3 = +12

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