Plugin Update

HY-Filter4 to v1.1.0
HY-POLY to v1.4.0
HY-RPE2 to v1.2.1
HY-SEQ32 to v1.1.8


Changes(v1.1.0) :
  • New: EnvTrig FX
  • New: Ring Modulator FX
  • New: Added Step Sequencer to Resonator 
  • New: Added trigger probability control to Gate SEQ
  • Fix: Demo version didn't work properly
  • Fix: Shuffle of Gate SEQ didn't work properly
  • Fix: Some minor issues
  • Fix: Linux version crash issue

EnvTrig FX

This effect can trigger an envelope for controlling signal level.
You can make a trance gate type effect using with the CTRL SEQ.

Ring Modulator FX

This effect modulates the input signal with internal oscillator.

Freq: Sets the frequency of the internal oscillator
L-R Ofst: Controls the frequency offset between left and right
Mix: Adjusts the dry/wet balance


Changes(v1.4.0) :
  • New: Linux version
  • Change: Improved the panel layout
  • Add: Add arrow buttons to the waveform loader of the Vector Osc
  • Add: New skin colors
  • Fix: Meter of GateFx didn't work correctly

Panel Layout

Mod Panel

The modulation panel can be appeared at the bottom right panel.
You can change the panel position in the setting panel.

Envelope Panel

Now you can access all envelopes without switching panels.

Master Panel

The master panel moved above the keyboard panel.


Changes(v1.2.0) :
  • New: Linux version
  • Fix: Note preview button of Grid Mode didn't work properly
  • Fix: Some minor issues


Changes(v1.1.8) :
  • Fix: Linux version crash issue
  • Change: GUI improvement