Plugin Update

HY-RPE2 to v1.1.5
HY-SEQ32 to v1.0.6


Changes(v1.1.5) :
  • Add: Slur Probability control (Euclid)
  • Add: Note trigger button (Grid)
  • Add: Track step parameter reset button (Grid)
  • Fix: Some minor things

Note slur probability(Euclid SEQ)

Now you can control the probability of note slur/tie in addition to the trigger probability.
This is a per track setting and will not affect to the other track notes.

Note trigger button(Grid SEQ)
By clicking the ear icon, you can trigger the track midi note for auditioning the target sound.

Track parameter reset button(Grid SEQ)

You can reset the track step parameters with the erase icon button.


Changes(v1.0.6) :
  • Add: Modulation panel option button
  • Add: Expand panel option button (Pitch SEQ)
  • Add: Linux version(both full and free)
  • Fix: Base note value of the relative pitch mode is off by 
  • Fix: Some minor things

Modulation/Expand panel option button

If these buttons are active, modulation/pitch seq expand panel will be opened by default.