Requires :
Windows: Windows 7 or higher (32 / 64 bit)
OSX: OSX 10.9 or higher (32 / 64 bit).

Please try demo version before purchase.

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Version 3 of HY-Filter.
Free update for ver2 user

VST/AU 32/64 bit for Windows and Mac

free / $45

System Requirements
Win : Windows7 or higher
Mac : OSX 10.9 or higher

Main Features:
5 filter mode(SVF, Reso, Xover, Dual, Formant)
2 modulation units with 5 modulation engines(LFO, StepLFO, StepSEQ, EnvFm MpEnv)
2 FX units with 18 effect types
Base color edit
Resizable window
Preset manager

Free Version

Two filter mode(SVF, Reso).
No modulation units and FX units


Demo Tracks

Filter Mode


State variable filter

Reso Filter

This filter is inspired by MAM RS3 Resonator.

Xover Filter

Dual Filter

Formant Filter

Modulation Engine


Simple LFO

Step LFO/ Step SEQ

You can trigger different waveform per step with different speed.

Env Follower

Converts input signal into modulation signal

Multipoint Envelope

You can create own envelope shape.


Two FX units and 18 FX types available.


For further details please check the manual.

Demo Mode Limitations:
• fade in/out every few minutes
• save preset is not available
• parameter states will not be stored in your project file



Download Full(Demo) version

Download Free version


Download Full(Demo) version

Download Free version


Download Full(Demo) version

Download Free version

User Manual

HY-Filter3 Manual




v1.01(February 9, 2018)
• release


It’s multi mode filter effect.
There are both free/commercial version.

Free version:
It has 2 filter modes(multi filter, reso filter).

Full version:
It has 7 filter modes(multi, reso, step, bank, xover, stereo, gate).

Version history:
(January 8, 2017) detail
v1,1,1(January 26, 2017)
v1.1.5(April, 12, 2017)

Multi Filter

This filter mode contains 4 filter(SVF, Formant, Telephone, Comb).

Reso Filter

3 parallel connected resonant filters, basic structure is based on MAM RS3

Step Filter

You can control 7 parameters by step sequencer.

Filter Bank

Moog 914 type filter bank(12 bandpass + LP/HP)

X-Over Filter

Crossover filter splits input signal into 3 band.
You can process each band independently.

Stereo Filter

2/4 pole lowpass filters which can be controlled independently.

Gate Filter

You can control gates of filter inputs by grid sequencer.

For more details, please check manual of HY-Filter2.

Now these 2 are included in both free/commercial version of HY-Filter2.




v1.01(December 7, 2016)

v1.1(January 8, 2017)
• improved GUI graphics of all filter modes
• added undo/redo function
• fixed automation issue with some host
• some minor changes
Detail of v1.1

v1.1.1(January 26, 2017)
• expanded LFO sync rate(added 1.5Bar, 2Bar, 3Bar, 4Bar, 6Bar, 8Bar)
• previous update didn’t fix automation issue, and this time fixed
• link function in Stereo Filter didn’t work correctly
• rewrite sequencer code of Step Filter and Grid Filter

v1.1.1(April 12, 2017)
• added filter type option of Multi Filter mode and Step Filter mode
• re-wrote step sequencer code of Step Filter mode and Gate Filter mode
• improved mouse response of Step Filter’s sliders
• some minor changes