Sample Studio4(M4L)

version 4 of SampleStudio
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oneshot sampler x8

Signal Path

You can trig loaded samples by several ways(trig button, gridseq, midi input).

Sample Loading

drag and drop your sample files to number fields 1 to 8

Sample Slot

Line1/2 = these parameters will affect to playback speed
Spd = playback speed
Prob = trigger probability
Vol = output volume
Cutoff = filter cutoff
FX = fx send amount
Thru LP BP HP” = filter type
Preview” = sample preview button
Reverse” = sample reverse button

Window Mode

You can change window mode here.

Slider Window

When slider mode is active,this window will be show up.
You can control all slot parameters by these sliders.

R/C = slider randomize/clear button
Radomize Range = you can set radomize range(0 to 100%)

Grid Window
When grid mode is active, this window will be show up.
You can trigger slot sample by this grid sequencer.

> < >< R” = sequencer running directions
/4 /2 x1 x2 x4” = sequencer running speed
4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32” = sequencer step size

Triggering Slot Samples

There are several ways to trigger slot samples.

1, Trig Button = clicking “Trig” button, slot samples will be triggered
2, Grid Seq = you can trigger slot samples by grid sequencer
3, Midi Trig = you can trig slot sample by midi note input

Midi Input Setting

Clicking “Midi” button, midi setting window will show up.
You can map midi note to sample slots.

In this case note C will trigger sample slot1 and 6.
Note C# will trigger sample slot3.
Note D will trigger all sample slots.


There are 4 effects available.

= bit crush 
DS = down sampling
Mix = mix balance

Delay = delay time
FB = feedback level

Time = delay time
Sync = turn on this, delay time will sync to host bpm
FB = feedback level
Mix = mix level

Size = room size
Decay = decay time
Mix = mix level


Width = stereo width(0 to 200%)
Gain = gain level
Vol = output volume
Phase inv = turn on this, signal phase will be inverted


You can save/load parameter settings here.

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