SingleSlicer3 and TripleSlicer3(M4L)



version 3 of Single Slicer and Triple Slicer
free update for slicer patch user

In this version, you can add slice markers manually.

Signal Path

Sample Import
drag and drop your sample files to number fields

Single Slicer3

Slice Editor
You can add/delete slice maker here.

Adding Slice Marker

Clicking pencil icon, slice editor becomes writing mode.
In this mode, you can add slice point marker.
You can add slice point by clicking waveform where you want to add slice point.
Maximum slice number is 32.

Shifting Slice Marker
clicking and holding slice marker you want to shift its position,
and move your mouse

Deleting Slice Marker
Shift + clicking slice marker, that slice marker will be delete.

Preview Sliced Sample
Clicking second icon, slice editor becomes preview mode.
in this mode, you can preview sliced sample by clicking waveform you want to preview.

Lock Mode
Clicking third icon, slice editor becomes lock mode.If you want to adding or deleting slice maker anymore, you can use this mode.

Other Settings
1Bar 2Bar 3Bar 4Bar” = bar size of imported sample, if you load 2 bar sample, set this value “2Bar”
Adding Slice Points” = adding slice markers with even space
Clear All Slice Point” = deleting all slice markers

Grid Sequencer for Rearranging Sliced Samples
You can rearrange sliced samples by this grid sequencer.
If turn on “<” switch, sample of that step will be reverse playback.

Grid Sequencer Control
ON/OFF” = grid sequencer on/off
> < >< R” = running directions of grid sequencer
Speed = running speed of grid sequencer
Size = step size of grid sequencer
Arrows = shifting grid states
R C” = randomize/clear grid states

Grid Sequencer for FX
You can control active effect and amp level of each step here.

If “ON/OFF” switch is “OFF”, effect path will be bypassed.

Effect Params

“LP BP HP” = filter type
CF = cutoff frequency
Reso = resonance
Env = depth of envelope follower to cutoff

Bit = bit depth
DS = down sampleing factor

Delay = delay time
FB = feedback
Env = depth of envelope follower to delay time

Time = delay time
“S” = delay time sync switch
FB =  feedback

Triple Slicer3

basic usage of Triple Slicer3 is same as Single Slicer3
Single Slicer3 has effect path and Triple Slicer3 doesnt.

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