version 2 of Step16
It’s a 16 step sequencer.
Basic idea is based on Analogue Solutions EKG.
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Step Behavior

Slider = sets output note of that step

Step Behavior  
x1, x2, x3, x4
= number of repeat times
if you set “x3”, that step will be repeated 3 times.

M(mute) = if “M” is selected, that step will muted.
S(skip) = if “S” is selected, that step will be skipped.

<(reverse) = if “<” is selected,  running direction of the sequencer becomes backward.
R(Reset) = if “R” is selected, step position of the sequencer will be reset to first step.


You can randomize/clear step note value and behavior.

Control Panel

Spd = running speed of the sequencer
Range = note range of each slider(1 to 4 octave)
Velo = velocity of output note
Gate = gate time of output note
MenuBox1 = root note
MenuBox2 = scale
-2 -1 0 +1 +2” = global octave

Swing Editor

This is a little sequencer for adding some timing delay to output midi notes.

Example(Normal Swing):
set step size 2, speed 16n
In this case, slider of step 2 works as swing amount.


You can save/load 8 your patterns.

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