Requires :
Windows: Windows 7 or higher (32 / 64 bit)
Mac: OSX 10.8 or higher (32 / 64 bit).

Please try demo version before purchase.

Normally you will receive keyfile within 24 hours after payment. If you don't receive it, please contact us. And please check your spam folder before sending message.

It’s an analog style step sequencer.(Win/Mac, VST and AUv3, 32/64bit)
There are both free/commercial versions.
Please try demo version before purchase.

Full version

It has 3 sequencer units and 2 LFO units.
Each sequencer unit can be controlled independently.

Free version

Free version has single sequencer unit and no LFO unit.

Main features:

• 3 step sequencer units
• 2 LFO units
• re-sizable window
• preset manager
• undo/redo
• value randomizer
• color variation(default, dark, brown, blue, green)
• pattern snapshot

Version History:


Limitations of Demo Version:
• save preset function is not available
• plugin state will not be stored in your project  
• midi output will be muted every few minutes

*There is no factory preset for HY-SEQ16x3.


Free version

download installer

download no-installer

Demo version

download installer

download no-installer



*AU version is only for the host which supports AUv3(like Logic).

download demo version

download free version




v1.0(January 31, 2017)

v1.0.1(January 31, 2017)
fixed crash issue

v1.0.2.1(February 3, 2017)
fixed double trigger issue with Cubase
fixed seq speed 1/4, 1/8 didn’t work correctly
added swing function(test version)

v1.1(February 25, 2017)
• added sequencer re-trigger function
• added slave mode(SEQ2/3)
• added midi transposer
• added midi re-trigger
• step octave range 3 to 5
• added new scale(Ichikosucho scale)
• fixed step counter initializing bug
detail of v1.1

v1.2(March 12, 2017)
• added triplet, dotted seq speed
• added snapshot function for step values(full version only)
• added base midi note menu
• now swing depth is bipolar
• lfo sync rate didn’t work correctly(fixed)
detail of v1.2

v1.2.5(April 24, 2017)
• added color variation(full version only)
• now note display reflects root/scale settings 
• now R/C buttons are automatable(full version only) 
• made parameter name shorter(free version)
detail of v1.2.5

v1.2.5.1(April 27, 2017)
• fixed root/scale menu issue

v1.3.0(May 27, 2017)
• added custom scale function(full version only)
• added mute function
• LFO2 > midi parameter didn’t work correctly(fixed)
detail of v1.3.0

v1.4.0(July 19, 2017)
• added midi learn function(full version only)
• improved UI rendering speed
• added midi ch lock function
detail of v1.4.0