Plugin Update

HY-SEQ32 to v1.1.2
HY-SeqCollection2 to v1.3.8
HY-RPE2 to v1.1.7
HY-MPS2 to v1.5.4


Changes(v1.1.2) :
  • Add: Color editor
  • Change: Improves GUI design
  • Change: Apple M1 support
  • Fix: Randomize doesn't work properly

Color Editor

You can change the base color of Sequencer/rack modules now.


Changes(v1.5.4) :
  • Change: Apple M1 support
  • Fix: Note stack issue
  • Fix: Forward/Backward running direction of Block chainer doesn't work properly


Changes(v1.3.8) :
  • Add: Recorder panel minimize button
  • Change: Apple M1 support
  • Fix: Default preset folder of MPE does't set correctly

Recorder Panel Minimize Button

You can minimize the recorder panel with this button.


Changes(v1.1.7) :
  • Change: Apple M1 support