Requires :
Windows: Windows 7 or higher (32 / 64 bit)
OSX: OSX 10.8 or higher (32 / 64 bit).

Please try demo version before purchase.

Normally we will send you the keyfile within 24 hours after payment. If you don't receive it, please contact us. And please check your spam folder before sending message.


Main Features:

• 6 delay modes(simple, dual, tap, loft. formant, pm).
• 4 post filter modes(LP/HP, SVF. 3Band, Tilt).
• 2 mod signal generator slot, and 4 types(LFO, EnvFollower, StepSeq, GridSeq) of mod generator.
• 2 multi-effect slots and 22 effect types
• ducker
• A/B comparison
• Undo/Redo
• Preset manger
• Resizable interface
• Randomizer

There are both free and full version.

Free version:

• 1 delay mode(simple delay mode)
• Lofi effect
• no modulation possibility
• no multi-effect slot

Demo Tracks

Signal Path

Delay Mode:
6 delay modes available(Simple, Dual, M-tap, Lofi, Formant, PM)

Post Filter:
4 filter types available(HP/LP, 3Band, SVF, Tilt)

22 effect types available

Modulation Generator:
4 types of modulation signal generator available(LFO, Env Follower, Step SEQ, Grid SEQ)

Delay Mode

Simple Delay Mode

simple stereo delay

Dual Delay Mode

two stereo delay units in series

M-Tap Delay Mode

8 tap delay

Lofi Delay Mode

stereo delay + lofi effect

Formant Delay Mode

stereo delay + formant filter

PM Delay Mode

2 tap mono delay

Post Filter


one pole highpass + lowpass filter

3 Band

3 band EQ


state variable filter


tilt equalizer

Modulation Signal Generators


Envelope Follower

16 Step Sequencer

16 Step Grid Sequencer


there are 22 fx types available



Please check the manual for more information


Limitations of Demo Mode
output signal will be fade in/out every few minutes
 • saving preset function is not available
 • effect parameters will not stored in your project file

Windows(VST, VST3)
Download free version
Download demo version

no Installer(manual install):
Download free version
Download demo version

Mac(VST, VST3, AU)
Download free version
Download demo version

User Manual
HY-Delay3 Manual


v1.0.0.5(August 3, 2017)
· release

v1.0.1(August 5, 2017)
• changed hicut param’s default position
• improved LFO waveform button

v1.0.5(August 20, 2017)
• added randomizer
• added output param lock function
detail of v1.0.5

v1.1.0(September 17, 2017)
• pan control of EnvDelay didn’t work correctly
• BP on/off button of PingPong delay didn’t work correctly
• improved Repeat Hold function of PM delay mode
• added M-Tap delay to multi fx  
detail of v1.1.0


HY-Delay2 is a multi mode delay effect.

There are both free and commercial versions.
Please try demo or free version before purchase.

Free version:
free version has single delay mode(simple delay)

Full version:
commercial version has 8 delay modes
until registration is done, HY-Delay2 will work as a demo mode

Main Futures:

• 8 delay modes(simple, stereo, twin, tap, pitch, filter, pm, dynamic).
• resizable user interface
• preset manager
• parameter initializer/randomizer
• feedback freezer
• ping pong mode
• master limiter
• ducking function

detail of v1.1
detail of v1.2
detail of v1.25
detail of v1.3
detail of v1.3.5

Demo Track


Delay Modes

Simple Delay

simple delay unit + loft effector

Stereo Delay

advance version of simple delay

Twin Delay

2 stereo delay units can be connected serial or parallel

M-Tap Delay

4 multitap delay

Pitch Delay
stereo delay unit + pitch shifter
pitch shifter can be modulated by LFO

Filter Delay

stereo delay unit + multimode filter(SVF, Formant Filter, Comb Filter)
filter cutoff frequency can be modulated by LFO

PM Delay

dual mono delay
basic structure is based on Lexicon Prime Time Delay

Dynamic Delay

Stereo delay unit with dynamic effects(gate, compressor)

Version History

• user presets didn’t load correctly
• output volume knob in Simple Delay Mode didn’t work correctly
• changing installer settings

v1.1(October 12, 2016)
· added PM Delay(commercial)
· new knob design(free/commercial)
· added freeze function to all delay modes(free/commercial)
· added time adjust function to all delay modes(free/commercial)
· some bug fixes
Detail of v1.1

v1.2(November 5, 2016)
· added new delay mode(Dynamic Delay)(commercial)
· added PingPong mode to all delay modes(except PM Delay Mode)(free/commercial)
· changed panel design of Twin Delay Mode
· improved delay time changing behavior
· improved GUI rendering
· LFO rate sync function didn’t work correctly(fixed)
· dry mute function of PM Delay Mode is not worked correctly(fixed)
· changed save behavior(only for Windows version)
· some minor changes
Detail of v1.2

v1.2.0.1(November 9, 2016)
·  output volume didn’t work correctly(only commercial version)(fixed)

v1.25(December 8, 2016)
added master limiter(free/commercial)
added bypass button(free/commercial)
added time scale function(free/commercial)
added SVF filter to all delay modes(free/commercial)
added randomize/initialize button
added In/Out params lock function
added reset window size function
improved GUI graphics
some minor changes

v1.3.0(December 18, 2016)
• update gui graphics of all delay modes

v1.3.1(January 26, 2017)
• expanded LFO sync rate(added 1.5Bar, 2Bar, 3Bar, 4Bar, 6Bar, 8Bar)
• “Select Preset Folder” didn’t work correctly
• improved GUI rendering speed 

v1.3.5(Feburary 17, 2017)
• added ducking function(free/commercial)
• reduced file size(Mac version)


rebuilt with latest VST SDK
removed jitter noise when delay time is changed

improved delay time change behavior
changed bit convertor behavior
now you can initialize knob value by double clicking

update for runtime error

delay time didn’t synced to bpm correctly(fixed)

Signal Path

Demo Tracks

Bit = bit depth (4, 8, 12, 16)
Time = delay time
Sync Time Menu = turn switch newt to the menu, delay time will follow tempo based time
Offset =  delay time offset between left and right
FB = feedback gain
Cross = cross feedback switch
HP = cutoff frequency of highpass filter
LP = cutoff frequency of lowpass filter
Dry = controlling volume of dry signal
Wet = controlling volume of wet signal