Plugin update

HY-Delay4 to v1.0.4
HY-Slicer to v1.3.0
HY-MBMFX2 to v1.1.0
HY-MBMFX2 free to v1.0.7
HY-MPS2 to v1.2.2
HY-SeqCollection to v1.3.1
HY-SEQ16x3v2 to v1.1.6

HY-Delay4 v1.0.4

Changes(v1.0.4) :
  • Add: PingPong mode in PM Delay mode 
  • Add: 8 new presets
  • Fix: Minimum delay time setting cause a issue 
  • Fix: Bpm sync mode in Tremolo effect doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: Hold function for Delay B didn't work correctly

Now both delay line A/B have pingpong mode switch.


HY-Slicer v1.3.0

Changes(v1.3.0) :
  • Add: Press shift control for step parameters
  • Add: Slice point add/del to step slice setting option
  • Fix: Sample missing notification doesn't work correctly

Hold Shift for Step Parameter

Hold Shift key while dragging to change a step parameter value,
all other step values will be shifted simultaneously.

Slice point add/del to step slice setting option

If this option is checked, slice point add/del will affect to step slice values.

In this case, when you delete slice point3, slice index of step 3 will be 4 and step 4 will be 2.


In this case, when you add a slice point between slice point 2 and 3,
slice index of step 3 will be 6 and step 4 will be 4.


HY-MBMFX2 v1.1.0

Changes(v1.1.0) :
  • Add: Modulation signal state display
  • Add: Parameter value popup option
  • Change: Default mod knob appearance 
  • Fix: Wrong filter type in 3 band filter

Modulation signal state display

Now modulation signal state will be displayed like above.

Popup parameter value display

You can set parameter value popup display on/ooff in the plugin menu.
If you set it active, a parameter shows it’s value with popup display like below.


HY-MBMFX2 free v1.0.7

Changes(v1.0.7) :
  • Fix: Unavailable mod source can be selected by a randomizer


HY-MPS2 v1.2.2

Changes(v1.2.2) :
  • Add: Lock option to Octave and Swing parameter
  • Add: Now you change all seq block snapshot with hold shift + click snapshot button
  • Fix: Transpose display doesn't work correctly

You can lock octave and swing value with lock icon switch.
Octave/Swing is locked, these parameter will not be affected by preset change.

Now you can simultaneously set all seq block’s snapshot value by holding the shift key and click a block snapshot button.


HY-SeqCollection v1.3.1

Changes(v1.3.1) :
  • Improve: Accuracy of modulation step sequencer    
  • Fix: Undo doesn't work correctly


HY-SEQ16x3v2 v1.1.6

Changes(v1.1.6) :
  • Fix: SEQ3's target param control doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: Undo doesn't work correctly