Updates(MPS2, SeqCollection and Slicer)


Changes(v1.0.3) :
  • Fix : midi trigger doesn't working correctly
  • Fix : incorrect modulation target midi CC index
  • Fix : first step of shift timing doesn't work correctly
  • Add : randomize/clear button for all seq block 


Changes(v1.2.5) :
  • Fix : modulation of step sequencer to pitch doesn't work correctly


Changes(v1.1.5) :
  • Fix : pattern chainer doesn't work correctly
  • Add : now file browser has bookmark function
  • Add : test version of slicer point detector


Randomize/Clear buttons for all seq blocks

These R/C buttons trigs randomize/clear action of all seq blocks.


Bookmark function of file browser

Now you can add sample folder to your bookmark.
There are two ways to add a folder to bookmark

  1. click a folder > click menu icon > “Add Bookmark”
  2. right-click on a folder > “Add Bookmark”

Slice points detector(test version)

When turning on “Detector” button, sensitivity slider and re-detect button will show up.
Then move sensitivity slider, the detector tries to detect slices points of loaded audio sample.
Number of slice points depends on the sensitivity value.

When you load new sample, you can use re-detect button.