Version 2 of MBMFX

Format :
VST2, VST3 and AUv3, 32/64bit for Windows and Mac

Price :
free/$48 (free update for ver.1 user)

System Requirements :
Win : Windows7 or higher
Mac : OSX 10.9 or higher

Main Features

  • 5 effect units per band + master effect
  • 22 fx types
  • 10 modulation units (LFO x4, Env Follower x2, Macro x4)
  • Drag&drop modulation assignment
  • Drag&drop for fx re-order
  • Randomizer
  • Preset manager (each fx unit also have preset manager)
  • Scalable GUI

Signal Flow

It’s a multi-band effect.

The plugin split incoming into three frequency bands and process separately.

Each frequency band has 5 multi-effect units (22 effect type).

You can modulate effect parameters with modulation signal.

There are 10 modulation sources available (LFO x4, Env Follower x2, Macro x4)


Band Section

Mod Section

Free Version

  • 1 effect unit per band

  • LFO x1 and Env Follower x1