HY-RPE(v1.0.2), HY-SeqCollection(v1.1.5)


 • block chainer went out-of-sync sometimes(fixed)
 • master block chainer setting of grid track didn’t be recalled correctly(fixed)
 • step17 – 32 of block chainer didn’t work correctly(fixed)
 • changed registration way
 • improved slider drawing


 • expanded modulation target 
 • improved slider drawing of HexaSeq 
 • changed registration way

Plugin Registration

Copy and paste a serial key and click “Register” button.


Expanded modulation target

Clicking orange button, new modulation target menu will show up.

Now you can modulate these parameters.

Acid Seq : start pos, step size, accent level, sequencer direction 
Dark Seq : transpose row(1-8/9-16), knob range
M5816 : start pos, step size
Step16 : start pos, step size, repeat prob
Global Param : swing amount

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