HY-SEQ16x3 v1.1(VST)


• added sequencer re-trigger function
• added slave mode(SEQ2/3)
• added midi transposer
• added midi re-trigger
• step octave range 3 to 5
• added new scale(Ichikosucho scale)
• fixed step counter initializing bug

Re-Trigger Function

Clicking “ReTrig” button, that sequencer unit will re-start from start step.
You can also “ReTrig” sequencer unit via midi note input.

Midi Re-Trigger

You can assign midi note to each re-trigger button.
In this case, midi note “A2” is used for re-triggering SEQ1.

Slave Mode

Added slave mode to SEQ2/3.
Turning on “Slave” button, SEQ2/3 will follow the clock of SEQ1.

Midi Transposer

You can control transpose value via midi note input.

ON/OFF button = trun on this, midi transposer will be active

Assign Midi Note to Center Position(+/-) of Transpose 

In the picture above, midi note “C4” is assigned to center position of transpose value.
“C3” is assigned to transpose -12.
“C5” is assigned to transpose +12.

So in this case midi note C3 to C5 will be used for midi transposer. 

Expanded Step Octave Range

Now range of step octave is 5.

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