HY-SEQ16x3 v1.3

HY-SEQ16x3  v1.3

• added custom scale function(full version only)
• added mute function
• LFO2 > midi parameter didn’t work correctly(fixed)

Custom Scale

You can make custom scale with this function.
And also save/load your custom scale setting.

Turning on “Custom” button, custom scale window will show up.

You can make custom scale with these buttons.
In this case, only C, F, A buttons are active.
So other midi notes will be scaled to  one of these.

C# will be scaled to C 
E will be scaled to F

Root change

You can change root note with this.

Save/Load Custom Scale
You can save/load your custom scale.

Mute Output

Muting midi output of HY-SEQ16x3.