Main Panel

Step Slider and LFO Panel

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about Version 2 of M5816
expanded step size(added /2, /4)
added clock reset function(test version)
added new seq running mode(><2)
expanded lfo function(phase, noise)
added step slider unit for controlling parameters
added midi assignable version
changed interface design

Main Panel
You can make output midi sequence here.

Step Control

from the top:
Knob = midi note of each step(knob range is defined by knob range param)
Slider = velocity value of each step
MenuBox = step size of each step(/4, /2, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8)
Tab = gate mode()
“Tie” = sustaining the note
“Skip” = skip the step

Randomize/Clear Parameter Value
“R” = randomizing parameter values”C” = clearing parameter values

Mod Panel

Clicking “Mod” tab, this panel window will appear.
You can modulate multiple parameters by step slider and lfo units.

Step Slider
Step Slider Control
Template = template pattern of step value
“R C” = randomize/clear step values
“Rnd Range” = randomize range(0 – 100%)
SetAll = set all step values at once
Arrows = shifting step values

Target Parameter Setting
You can control single parameter from step slider

“Seq Midi CC Map”
Seq = velocity, gate, shift(timing shift), prob(triggered probability)
Midi = modwheel, pitchbend, aftertouch
CC = midi control change
Map = you can assign manually

Smooth = smoothing output values

Depth = modulation depth


There are 2 LFO units.
Targets parameters are same as step slider target parameters.

Parameters of LFO unit
Power Button = LFO unit on/off
Rate = lfo speed
Phase = phase shift control
Noise = adding noise to lfo signal
MenuBox = lfo waveform
Depth = modulation depth (-100 – 100%)

Sequencer Control Panel
From the top:
MenuBox(next to “M5816mk2”) = clock reset menu, if you set this value “1bar”, clock will be reset every 1bar
“> < ><1 ><2” = sequencer running directions
“MenuBox2” = sequencer speed
Strt = start point
Size = step size of sequencer
Goct = global octave
TP = toranspose
SWG = swing amount
Gate = global gate value
Knob Range = octave range of note knob
MenuBox3 = root note
MenuBox4 = scale menu

You can make 8 snapshots.

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