Plugin Updates

HY-SEQ16x3v2   v1.1.0

  • Added : midi learn
  • Fixed: step gate doesn't work correctly when it's value is very small
  • Fixed: scale lock doesn't work correctly
  • Improved: trigger timing of first note when loop is back to start
HY-RPE   v1.1.0

  • Added : keymap function
  • Fixed: random play mode2 in seqblock doesn't work correctly
  • Added: now you can preview track assigned note
  • Improved : now you can copy/paste track snapshot between multiple instances
HY-SeqCollection   v1.2.2

  • Fixed: scaled lock doesn't work correctly
HY-Mono   v1.5.5

  • Fixed: Coarse knob in VCO doesn't work correctly


Midi Learn ( SEQ16x3v2 )

Now you can control plugin parameter with your midi controller.

  1. Turn on “Midi Learn” button
  2. Right-click a parameter
  3. Select “Midi Learn”
  4. Move your midi controller

KeyMap ( HY-RPE )

You can control track mute/solo and track snapshot with midi input.
When you click “KeyMap” button, keymap editor window will show up.
You can assign a control command to each midi note.


In this case “C2” controls mute of track1.
While C2 is held down, track1 will be muted.

D#2 controls snapshot of tack1.
When D#2 note is pressed snapshot of track1 will be changed to snapshot 1.

Setting State 

KeyMap setting will be stored as global data.
You can also import/export your setting with Save/Load button.

Track Assigned Note Preview


Clicking these buttons, midi note which assigned to each track will be triggered.

So you can use it for previewing drum sound or something.