version 4 of RPE
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Demo Video

Demo video by Matt Hooper

Structure of RPE4

RPE4 consists of 8 sequencer tracks.
Each track consists of 4 sequencer blocks and one block chainer.
Each sequencer block consists of one grid unit and 3 multislider units.
Block chainer controls playback order of seq blocks.

Sequencer Track

Grid Section

Each sequencer block has own sequencer.
 So you can set different step size(resolution) and playback direction per block.

Slider Section

Each block has 3 slider units for controlling velocity, probability, timing shift.


Rnd/Clear = randomize/clear slider values of all 4 blocks
SetAll = set all slider values of all 4 blocks

Block Chainer

Block chainer controls palyback order of sequence blocks.

Size = step size(max 16)
R C” = randomize/clear grid states
Arrows = rotating grid states
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8” = snapshot of grid state of block chainer 


If you set like picture above.
playback order of seq block will be like below
1 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 2 > 2 > 4 > 3

You can make 8 snapshots of grid and slider state.
Each track has own snapshot function.
Global snapshot controls track snapshot state.

Init” = click this button, all track params will be initialized.
Copy/Paste = you can copy/paste track snapshot 

After selecting copy/paste slot, “Push” button will show up.
Clicking “Push” button, copy/paste will be executed.

Midi Note Assignament

You can set output midi note number of each track here.
There is a text box below the “Inst” label.
You can set inst name of each track.


You can control mute/solo state of each track.

Sequencer Block

Each sequencer block can be running direction and size(resolution) independently.

> < R” = running directions
Size = step size(max 8)
R C” = randomize/clear step states

Swing Editor

Swing editor is a sequencer for controlling timing delay of sequencer clock

Power Switch = on/off swith
Size = step size
Spd = running speed of the sequencer of swing editor
Arrows = rotating step values
R1 = randomize
R2 = randomize(only even step)
C = clear step values

Example of Making Normal Swing

set step size = 2, spd = 16n,
then you can control swing amount by value slider of step2.

Making Snapshot Pattern

You can make 8 patterns of track snapshots.
And you can change these patterns by midi note C0 ~ G0.

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