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Sample Fader2(M4L)

version 2 of SampleFader
free update for version 1 user


There are 5 sample playback units.
Each unit playback loaded sample.
And envelope generator controls volume of each sample playback unit.

Usage  Example

Loading same sample file to all sample slot.
Then set playback speed, direction differently.
You can get some interesting result.

Base Loop


Sample Import

Drag and drop your audio file to square filed.

 Sample Playback Unit

“1Bar, 2Bar, 3Bar, 4Bar” = bar size of loaded sample
“/8, /4, /2, x1, x2, x4” = playback speed
Rev = reverse playback on/off

Sample Playback Units Control

You can control pan, volume, mute/solo state of each unit here.

Envelope Generator

Signal from envelope generator is used for cross fading output of sample players.


In this case, output of sample player 1 and 2 will be crossfading alternately.


In this case, you will hear output sample player 1 first, then it will be crossfaded to output of sample player2, then will be crossfaded to output of sample player3….

Editing Envelope Generator

Click and hold small circle, then you can change the position of it.

Making Curve

Holding down “option” key on the section you want to add curve.
Then move your mouse up/down, you can make curve.

Controlling Envelope Generator

Step Size = step size of generated envelope signal
Speed = generating speed
Snapshots = snapshots of edited envelope forms
Rnd/Reset = randomize/reset envelope editor


Lofi = lofi level
Mix = mix level

= one pole highpass
LP = one pole lowpass

Time = delay time
Sync = synced delay time on/off
FB = feedback
Level = output level


Gain = output gain
Vol = master volume

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