additional patch for Seqtron user
16 step sequencer
most of parameters can be controlled by midi cc

Midi CC Assign 

clicking “setting” button, “setting window” will appear.
Then clicking “CC Assign” tab.
You can assign midi cc to knobs and control functions.
Once you have made your own cc setting,
you can export it by “write” button.
And you can import your setting by “read” button.

Controlling Step Values
You can control value of each step by 16 knobs or sliders.
If you selecting “Note” tab, knob or slider controls output midi note of each step.
You can control “Midi Note”, “Velocity”, “Gate Time”, “Mute”, “Probability” and “Aux 1/2” by this sequencer.

Shifting Tab Menu
Clicking arrow button, tab menu shifts right/left.
If you assign buttons of your midi control  to arrow buttons,
you can control tab select by them.
So if you have 16 knobs and 2 buttons,
you can control step values of all parameters.

Randomize/Clear Step Values
“R” = randomize step values
“C” = clear step values

Sequencer Setting
“Direction” =  running directions of sequencer
“Speed” = speed of sequencer running
“Goct” = global octave
“Root” = root note
“Scale” = scaling output midi notes
“Swing” = awing amount
“Start” = start position of sequencer
“Size” = step size of sequencer

Assigning Aux Parameter
Midi = modwheel, pitchbend, aftertouch
CC = midi control change
Map = mapping aux parameters

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