Single Slicer4(M4L)

version 4 of Single Slicer
free update for current user

Main features:

• up to 32 slices
• you can re-arrange sliced samples with step sequencer
• you can control reverse playback, trigger onoff per step
• you can control sample duration and volume per step
• pattern snapshot

Sample Import

Drag and drop you samples file to square field.

Sample Slice

You can add sample slice points here(max 32 slice points).

Adding Slice Points

When pencil icon is selected, you can add/delete slice points.

pencil icon = edit mode
play icon = slice preview mode
lock icon = lock mode

You can add a slice point by clicking somewhere on waveform window.

You can move slice point by click + hold and moving you mouse.

You can delete slice point by shift + click on a slice point.

Auto Slice

Adding Slice Points” menu = adding slice points with a certain interval

Re-Arrange Sliced Samples

This is a step sequencer for re-arranging sliced samples.

Controlling Step Sequencer

You can control sequencer start point and end point with this blue bar.


>, <, ><1, ><2, R1, R2” = running directions of step sequencer
Speed = running speed
Rate = playback speed of sliced sample(50 to 200%)


You can rotate step values with arrow buttons.

Step OnOff, Reverse, Lock

OnOff = if this switch is on, that step will be triggered
Rev = in this switch is on, selected slice of that step will be playback reversed
Lock = if this switch is on, that step will not be affected by randomize/clear action

Randomize/Clear Step Values

You can randomize/clear step values by “r/c” button.

Gate, Volume Sliders

You can control gate time and volume of each step here.


You can make 12 snapshots of step values.
You can also change snapshot by midi note input.

Copy/Paste Snapshot

Copy from menu = snapshot which will be copied
Paste to menu = paste target snapshot
Push = copy/paste snapshot