HY-Filter2 and HY-Delay2 v1.25(VST)

multimode filter effect
There are both free/commercial versions.

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added master limiter(free/commercial)
added bypass button(free/commercial)
added time scale function(free/commercial)
added SVF filter to all delay modes(free/commercial)
added randomize/initialize button
added In/Out params lock function
added reset window size function
improved GUI graphics
some minor changes

Randomize/Initialize Button

Dice Button = randomize parameters of current active delay mode
Eraser Button = initialize parameters of current active delay mode

*in/out parameters are not included in these action

Master Limiter

Turn on “Limit” button, master limiter becomes active.
If you do randomize, better to turn on this.

Bypass Button

Turn on “Bypass” button, effect signal path will be bypassed.

SVF Filter

Now all delay modes have SVF filter.

OnePole/SVF” = filter mode switch button
LP/BP/HP” = in SVF mode, you can control filter output with this slider
CF = cutoff frequency
Reso = resonance level
Gain = gain level 

*one pole filters are placed in feedback loop, and SVF is placed at delay output

Delay Time Scale Function

There is a small knob besides to delay time knob.
You can scaling delay time with this knob(50 to 100% range).

In/Out Params Lock

Turn on “Lock” icon, In/Out params will be locked.
If lock is active, in/out params will not be changed when you load new preset.

Reseting Window Size

You can reset window size.

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