HY-SEQ16x3 v1.2(VST)


• added triplet, dotted seq speed
• added snapshot function for step values(full version only)
• added base midi note menu
• now swing depth is bipolar
• lfo sync rate didn’t work correctly(fixed)

Triplet, Dotted Speed

Now each sequencer unit has triplet, dotted running speed.


You can make 8 snapshots of  current step values. 


You can copy/paste your snapshot.

1, choose snapshot number which will be copied(left menu box)
2. choose paste target number(right menu box)
3. then click “Push” button

all 8 snapshot states will be stored in your preset file.

Bipolar Swing Depth

There is a “+/-” button.
You can control swing polarity with this.


Base Midi Note

You can change base output midi note now.
Default is 36.
This setting will be stored in your global setting file.

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