HY-SeqCollection v1.1.0(VST)


• added custom scale function
• added root transpose function
• added scale lock function
• added midi trigger function(3 trigger modes)
• added tooltip window
• improved gui rendering speed

Custom Scale

Turning on “Custom” button, custom scale window will show up.
You can make custom scale setting there.

Root Transpose

If “Root Transp” is active,
output midi notes will be transposed along with root/key note.

if root/key is “E“, output midi notes will be transposed 4 semitones.
Then go through scale filter.

Scale Lock

If “Lock” is active, scale setting will be locked and ignore preset changes.

Midi Trigger

You can control sequencer start/stop manually.
There are 3 trigger modes available.
Midi note “C2” is used for this function.

“Midi > Trig” = midi trigger mode on/off
1,2,3” = trigger mode(midi note c2 = trigger note)

Mode1 :
When the plugin receives midi note on,
sequencer starts running until next note on.


The sequencer will start running with midi note on.
Once receiving midi note off, the sequencer will stop running.
So as long as keep pressing trigger midi note, the sequencer will continue running.


Trigger midi note on increments the clock of the sequencer.

Tooltip Window

When your mouse goes over the plugin component.
Some information will be displayed here.

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