HY-Slicer (Update)

Changes(v1.0.5) :
  • Fixed sound distortion issue
  • Fixed sequencer speed recalling issue
  • Fixed pattern chainer doesn't work correctly
  • improved slice randomize
  • added browser arrow buttons
  • added mono voice mode
  • added groove knob randomizer
  • added groove knob lock
  • added flac format support

Browser Arrow Button

Click “<“, “>” buttons next to “BROWSER” button,
Next(prev) sample in current working directly will be loaded.

Mono Voice Mode

Turn on “Mono” button, the slicer engine becomes mono voice mode.
In mono voice mode, when new slice is triggered while previous sample still be playing, previous slice will fade out.

Groove Randomizer

Click “Rnd” button, step shift knobs will be randomized.
You can control randomize range with number box next to “Rnd” button.

Step Shift Lock

Now there is a lock button below each groove shift knob.
Turn on the lock button, that knob will ignore randomize action.