Updates(HY-Slicer, HY-Filter3, HY-SEQ16x3v2)


Changes(v1.1.0) :
  • Fixed playback speed doesn't work correctly when host samplerate is changed
  • Added slice in order button to the arranger panel
  • Added double click to load sample support to the file browser
  • Added preview level control knob to the file browser
  • Added midi trigger mode


Changes(v1.1.3) :
  • Fixed snapshot bank doesn't work properly
  • Fixed existing preset files doesn't list up on file explorer when saving preset
  • Added preset file drag and drop support
  • Added clear snapshot bank and clear snapshot buttons


Changes(v1.1.0) :
  • Fixed arrow buttons of sStep SEQ/LFO cause plugin crash
  • Added modulation depth exponential mode


Preview Level Control

Midi Trigger

You can control the step sequencer start/stop and step trigger with midi note input.
Midi trigger has 3 trigger modes.

Mode 1 and 2 = the step sequencer start/stop will be triggered with midi note C2.
Mode 3 = step 1 to 16 of the step sequencer will be triggered with midi note C3 to D#4.

In this mode the step sequencer starts to run when receiving midi note C2.
And when receiving C2 note while the step sequencer is running, it will stop to run.

In this mode the step sequencer will continue running while C2 note is pressed.

In this mode you can trig each step of the step sequencer with midi note.
Note C3 to D#4 are used for this mode.
C3 trigs step1, C#3 trigs step2, D3 trigs step3 and so on.



Modulation Depth Exponential Mode

Turn on “Mod Dep Exp” button, modulation depth becomes exponential mode.