Plugin Update

HY-SeqCollection2(full/free) to v1.0.4
HY-MPS2(full) to v1.3.4
HY-MPS2(free) to v1.1.0
HY-SEQ16x3v2(full) to v1.2.1
HY-SEQ16x3v2(free) to v1.1.0
HY-RPE(full) to v1.1.3
HY-RPE(free) to v1.1.1

Change for all sequencer plugins:

Added audio signal path to all sequencer plugin to avoid buzzy noise output issue in some host.


Changes(v1.0.4) :
  • Add: Midi thru button
  • Fix: When the bottom panel is hidden, plugin resize doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: "Set Preset Folder " function doesn't work correctly.
  • Fix: Arrow buttons on Scaler effect cause plugin crash



Changes(v1.2.1) :
  • Fix: Step position indicators for SEQ1 row don't work correctly



Changes(v1.3.4) :
  • Fix: MPS2 doesn't recall midi channel setting correctly