Plugin Update

HY-SeqCollection2 to v1.1.0
HY-MPS2 to v1.4.0
HY-SEQ16x3v2 to v1.2.2
HY-Slicer to v1.3.5
HY-Delay4 to v1.1.3


Changes(v1.1.0) :
  • Add: 4 interface color(Black, Red, Brown, Blue)
  • Add: Clock reset and re-sync button
  • Fix: Preset menu for StepLFO/Mpenv doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: Incorrect tooltip for the step button of Step16 mode

4 new interface colors

You can change interface color from the plugin menu.

From the top black, red, brown and blue.

Clock Re-Start/Re-Sync

Re-Start = Click this button, the sequencer will restart from the start position.
Re-Sync = Click this button, the sequencer will try to sync to host song position.



Changes(v1.4.0) :
  • Add: Midi recorder
  • Fix: When the step size of block chainer is 5 or 11, it doesn't work correctly

Midi Recorder
You can record the sequencer output and create a midi file with midi recorder.

Recording Procedure:

  1. Stops host sequencer from running
  2. Set the recording length (0~128 bar). If you set this value to 0, the recording will continue until a host sequencer stops or you turn off the rec button or when the sequence hits a maximum note length of 128 bars.
  3. Turn on the rec button. Now the recorder is ready to start recording.
  4. Hit the host sequencer start button

Midi File

After a recording, a file icon will appear below the record button.
You can drag and drop this to your host’s midi/instrument track as a midi file.



Changes(v1.2.2) :
  • Fix: Curve assign menu doesn't work correctly



Changes(v1.3.6) :
  • Add: Midi control for snapshot select
  • Fix: Automation for snapshot doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: Snapshot chainer doesn't work correctly

Midi Snapshot 

Turn on midi control button, you can select a pattern snapshot via midi note C0~B1.



Changes(v1.1.3) :
  • Add: Modulation source on/off button

If you turn the power button off, the modulation unit outputs 0 value.