Plugin Update

HY-SeqCollection2 to v1.3.0
HY-RPE2 to v1.0.6


Changes(v1.3.0) :
  • Add: Step Rec for Acid, M5816 and Step16 sequencers
  • Add: Midi CC table export/import
  • Fix: Some minor things

Step Rec
You can set a step note from a Midi keyboard.

  1. Toggles “Step Rec” button located at the top of the plugin panel
  2. The Step Rec panel will be show up at the bottom of the plugin panel
  3. Selects the target step and press your midi keyboard key
  4. The next step will become target step automatically

The Step Rec will work for Acid, M5816 and Step16 sequencers.

Midi CC Table Export/Import/

Now you can export/Import Midi CC table.




Changes(v1.0.6) :
  • Add: Midi Channel Lock
  • Add: Scale Key
  • Fix: Octave displays in Midi Map editor are incorrect for some hosts

Midi Channel Lock

If this button is active, track midi channels will not be affected by a preset changes.

Scale Key

You can set the scale key.