Plugin Update

HY-MPS2 to v1.4.7
HY-RPE2 to v1.0.7
HY-Slicer to v1.4.0


Changes(v1.0.7) :
  • Fix: When the plugin window is closed while a popup window is opened, it may cause plugin crash
  • Fix: The step LEDs in the step mode panel aren't placed correctly
  • Fix: The Euclidean Seq display doesn't update properly 



Changes(v1.4.7) :
  • Fix: CC modulation doesn't work correctly when modulating more than 2 CCs
  • Fix: The LFO phase doesn't reset along with the host seq transport state
  • Fix: Sometimes repeated same note doesn't trigger correctly



Changes(v1.4.0) :
  • Add: Each parameter row has dice button for randomize/clear step values
  • Fix: The step divide parameter makes the pattern chainner unstable
  • Change: Some minor changes

Dice button

Left click: Randomize step values
Right click: Initialize step values