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HY-SEQ32 v1.0.5(Update)


Changes(v1.0.5) :
  • Add: New presets by Aequor Sound 
  • Fix: Snapshot chainer doesn't sync to a host song position correctly 
  • Fix: Snapshot data doesn't be recalled correctly 
  • Fix: Preset name doesn't be recalled properly 
  • Fix: Timing issue of the Midi recorder
  • Fix: Recorded Midi data will disappear, when the plugin GUI is closed
  • Fix: Initialize All Parameters doesn't work correctly 
  • Fix: Rootshift button and Step knob display doesn't sync correctly
  • Fix: Some minor things
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This is a 32 step sequencer inspired by analog sequencers.
You can create constantly changing patterns by using the parameter modulations.
There are 5 modules available. (Pitch SEQ, Param SEQ, CC SEQ, CC Rack and Oct/Tp SEQ)
Each sequencer/rack unit has 8 dedicated modulation controls.

HY-SEQ16x3v2 is replaced by HY-SEQ32.
And it’s a free update for HY-SEQ16x3 user.

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HY-POLY v1.2.0(Update)


Changes(v1.2.0) :
  • Add: Vector Oscillator
  • Add: Midi Out option
  • Add: Editable label for Macro controls
  • Add: 26 new factory presets (by New Loops)
  • Fix: The delay parameter of MPenv doesn't work properly
  • Fix: Midi learn for the oscillator phase doesn't work correctly
  • Fix: The plugin doesn't handle polyphonic aftertouch correctly
  • Fix: Momentary/Toggle state of Macro button doesn't recall correctly

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