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HY-Delay v1.2(VST)


added new delay mode(Dynamic Delay)(commercial)
added PingPong mode to all delay modes(except PM Delay Mode)(free/commercial)
changed panel design of Twin Delay Mode
improved delay time changing behavior
improved GUI rendering
LFO rate sync function didn’t work correctly(fixed)
dry mute function of PM Delay Mode is not worked correctly(fixed)
changed save behavior(only for Windows version)
some minor changes

PingPong Mode
Now all delay modes(except PM Delay Mode) have “PingPong” button.
When “pingPong” button is active, cross feedback knob will be disabled.
Turn on this, delay unit becomes pingpong mode.

PingPong Mode in Twin Delay
Twin delay consists of two stereo delay units.
You can make complex pingpong sound especially with serial mode.

Dynamic Delay
additional delay mode for commercial version
It’s a delay unit with dynamic effects(gate and compressor).

Signal Path
There are threes compressor units in this delay mode,
You can use one of them at the one time.

If level of incoming signal goes above the threshold, gate will be open.
When the gate is open, green led will be lit up.

Threshold = defines threshold level
HP = high pass for the sidechain input, not affect to actual signal
Atk = attack time(fade in) 
Rel = release time(fade out)

Attack knob value will affect to incoming signal.
Short attack time:

Long attack time

Delay/LFO Section
You can control delay unit and LFO unit here.

Big knob = delay time knob
Small knob = delay time fine knob(-10 to +10 ms)
Sync Button = delay time sync button
PingPong Button = pingpong mode on/off
Offset = delay time offset between left and right
when pingpong is active, this control pingpong interval
Mod = delay time modulation depth

FB = feedback level
Cross = cross feedback level
Freeze = feedback freeze on/off

“Input”, “Feedback”, “Output” buttons = active compressor select button
If you select “Input”, compressor placed at input path will be active.

Feedback Compression
You can make interesting sound with compressing feedback signal.

Comp Params
Thresh = threshold level, incoming signal over this level, comp will be active
Makeup = makeup level
Atk = attack time
Rel = release time

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