HY-Delay3 v1.1.0(VST)


• pan control of EnvDelay didn’t work correctly
• BP on/off button of PingPong delay didn’t work correctly
• improved Repeat Hold function of PM delay mode
• added M-Tap delay to multi fx  

Improved Repeat Hold function of PM delay mode

Improved noise when turn on/off “Repeat Hold” button

Improved tail signal of hold signal

M-Tap Delay

4 multi-tap delay effect

Time = delay time
Sync = delay time bpm synced button
Mode = please see below
Sprd = stereo spreading of tap outs
FB = feedback level
HiDamp = damping high frequencies
Lev = mix level

about “Mode” parameter

Tweaking mode know, popup display shows “x o o x” or “o x o x” or “o o o x“.
This is gate state of each tap out.
From the left, gate state of tap1, tap2, tap3 and tap4.

x o o x
In this case, gate of tap1 is closed, tap2 is open

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