ersion 2 of PolySeq Chance
free update for PolySeq user
chance base sequencer
midi notes keep being generated based on your setting

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Grid and Slice2

Grid and Slice2
version 2 of Grid and Slice
free update for GridSliceStep owner

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Sample Studio2 Layer

Sample Studio2 Layer
version 2 of Sample Studio2 Layer
free update for sample studio owner
You can load 8 audio samples and make layer sound using them.

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Trigger Effect(v1.1)

added midi controlled functionYou can control trigger effect from midi track.Midi SenderThis one translate midi note to trigger signal.Making midi track and loading “Midi Sender” to that track.And set target device.In this case, note “C” triggers pad1 of “MFX”, note “D” triggers pad2 of “MFX” and so on… 


MPS2_v1.03added step on/off controlling trackYou can control step on/off by this seq track.You can change “Oct” track and “OnOff” track by “Oct OnOff” switch.


3 new patches These patches are designed for using with KORG nanoKONTROL2. So you need KORG nanoKONTROL2 for using these patches. nanoSEQ 8 step analog type sequencer nanoSLICER sample slicer nanoCHORD making and triggering chord note


v1.01map function didn’t work correctly(fixed) when you change seq mode, velocity and gate parameter didn’t work correctly(fixed) when you set dur knob maximum, gate didn’t work correctly(fixed)



additional patch for SEQ16 user
model of this sequencer is KORG SQ-1

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v1.01“R C” button for HP didn’t work correctly(fixed)added value display functionThere is a “D” switch lower right of the main panel.Turn on this switch, you can see the value of each knob.