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version 3 of HY-Delay.
free update for HY-Delay2 user

Main Features:

• 6 delay modes(simple, dual, tap, loft. formant, pm).
• 4 post filter modes(LP/HP, SVF. 3Band, Tilt).
• 2 mod signal generator slot, and 4 types(LFO, EnvFollower, StepSeq, GridSeq) of mod generator.
• 2 multi-effect slots and 22 effect types
• ducker
• A/B comparison
• Undo/Redo
• Preset manger
• Resizable interface

There are both free and full version.

Free version:

• 1 delay mode(simple delay mode)
• Lofi effect
• no modulation possibility
• no multi-effect slot

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HY-Filter2 and HY-Delay2 v1.25(VST)

multimode filter effect
There are both free/commercial versions.

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added master limiter(free/commercial)
added bypass button(free/commercial)
added time scale function(free/commercial)
added SVF filter to all delay modes(free/commercial)
added randomize/initialize button
added In/Out params lock function
added reset window size function
improved GUI graphics
some minor changes

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HY-Delay v1.2(VST)


added new delay mode(Dynamic Delay)(commercial)
added PingPong mode to all delay modes(except PM Delay Mode)(free/commercial)
changed panel design of Twin Delay Mode
improved delay time changing behavior
improved GUI rendering
LFO rate sync function didn’t work correctly(fixed)
dry mute function of PM Delay Mode is not worked correctly(fixed)
changed save behavior(only for Windows version)
some minor changes

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