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Update(RPE, Delay3, MBMFX)


• Expanded random running mode of sequencer block
• Added max delay time rage menu for humanizer function
• Fixed invalid version issue on Logic

• Check boxes of randomizer didn’t work correctly(fixed)
• Chorus fx had glitch sound issue(fixed)
• Fixed invalid version issue on Logic


• Chorus fx had glitch sound issue(fixed)
• Fixed invalid version issue on Logic

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Version 3 of HY-Filter.

VST/AU 32/64 bit for Windows and Mac

free / $45

System Requirements
Win : Windows7 or higher
Mac : OSX 10.9 or higher

Main Features:
5 filter mode(SVF, Reso, Xover, Dual, Formant)
2 modulation units with 5 modulation engines(LFO, StepLFO, StepSEQ, EnvFm MpEnv)
2 FX units with 18 effect types
Base color edit
Resizable window
Preset manager

Free Version

Two filter mode(SVF, Reso)
No modulation units and FX units

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HY-Delay3 v1.0.5, HY-MBMFX v1.1.5.1(VST)

HY-Delay3 v1.0.5

• added randomizer
• added output param lock function


HY-MBMFX v1.1.5.1

• expanded right click menu
• added multi-tap delay
• delay time sync of reverse delay didn’t work correctly
• pan control of env delay didn’t work correctly
• improved gui stuff
• some minor changes

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version 3 of HY-Delay.
free update for HY-Delay2 user

Main Features:

• 6 delay modes(simple, dual, tap, loft. formant, pm).
• 4 post filter modes(LP/HP, SVF. 3Band, Tilt).
• 2 mod signal generator slot, and 4 types(LFO, EnvFollower, StepSeq, GridSeq) of mod generator.
• 2 multi-effect slots and 22 effect types
• ducker
• A/B comparison
• Undo/Redo
• Preset manger
• Resizable interface

There are both free and full version.

Free version:

• 1 delay mode(simple delay mode)
• Lofi effect
• no modulation possibility
• no multi-effect slot

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