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Version 2 of HY-SeqCollection

VST2(32/64bit) for Windows
VST2 and AUv3(64bit) for Mac
*AUv3 version is only for Logic user.

$55 (free update for version1 user) / free

System Requirements:
Win : Windows7 or higher
Mac : OSX 10.9 or higher

Main Features:
  • 6 sequencer engines(Acid, Dark, M5816, Step16, Hexa, Euclid)
  • 4 modulation signal generators and 8 macro controls
  • Drag and drop modulation assignment
  • Midi FX (9 effect type)
  • Midi Recorder
  • Sequencer pattern snapshot
  • Randomizer
  • Re-scaleble interface
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Plugin update

HY-MPS2 v1.3

Changes(v1.3) :
  • Add: Midi Map Editor
  • Fix: Loop point issue on FL Studio
  • Fix: Jitter issue in CC control signal
  • Some minor changes

HY-Slicer v1.3.3

Changes(v1.3.3) :
  • Fix: SampleRate change didn't handle correctly
  • Some minor changes

HY-SeqCollection v1.3.3

Changes(v1.3.3) :
  • Fix: Crash issue when opening a demo version project with full version
  • Fix: Loop point issue on FL Studio

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Plugin update

HY-SEQ16x3v2 v1.1.73

Changes(v1.1.73) :
  • Fix: Sequencer speed doesn't recall correctly in some situation
  • Changes: Look and feel of step onoff button and step slide button
  • Some minor changes

HY-Delay4 free v1.0.45

Changes(v1.1.6) :
  • Fix: Delay time left/right unlink button doesn't work correctly