This is an 8 track midi sequencer plugin.
It has two different sequencer engines, Grid and Euclidean.

Free update for version1 user.

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HY-POLY v1.1.2

Fix: The modulation range of the Y-Axis Multiplier in the PD oscillator isn’t correct.

HY-POLY v1.1.0


Changes(v1.1.0) :
  • Add: New color schemes 
  • Add: Phase Distortion Oscillator
  • Add: Knob value display
  • Add: Exponential button for FX D/W control(only for Delay effects and Reverb)
  • Fix: When using both units of the arpeggiator, the mod value doesn't output  properly
  • Fix: Last preset name is not recalled correctly when opening your song project
  • Fix: The arpeggiator doesn't output mod signal correctly, if the triggered step is off.
  • Change: Improve GUI rendering

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It’s a subtractive type poly phonic synthesizer with midi effects and audio effects.
And many of synth and audio fx parameters can be modulated.
You can create wide variety of synth sound with those midi/audio fx and modulations.

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HY-SeqCollection2 v1.2.0


Changes(v1.2.0) :
  • Add: Midi learn function
  • Add: 7 new interface colors
  • Add: Step skip ignore mode to Step16

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Preset Folder for SeqCollection CM(For Mac Only)

Mac installer for SeqCollection2 CM doesn’t work correctly. Please download the preset folder from the link below.   You can put “HY-SeqCollection2 CM” folder inside the HY-Plugins folder. Location will be like this Library > Audio > Presets > HY-Plugins

Plugin Update

HY-SeqCollection2 to v1.1.0
HY-MPS2 to v1.4.0
HY-SEQ16x3v2 to v1.2.2
HY-Slicer to v1.3.5
HY-Delay4 to v1.1.3

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